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OKI —— E - Call & E - Response in E - Times

------Interview of Ma Weidong, GM of OKI Software Technology Co., Ltd.


Journalist: As a leader of OKI within Chinese software enterprise, OKI Software Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved a great result for the 8 years development. In the year of 2010, the company jumped into top 20 excellent Chinese software enterprises. In 2009, Mr. Ma also got the honor as an elite of Chinese software export & outsourcing. Here, could you please tell something about the company’s great achievement and some key elements?

Ma Weidong: The achievement in these 8 years can not be got without supports, help and care from government, without great efforts from the company colleagues’. In the 8 years, our company’s revenue has been rising in the speed of 10% to 20% every year. Since the second year, our company has got profits and disinvestments. What’s more, our company has appraised as a unique national key software enterprise continuously in the next three years. Besides, the company has also been assessed as a key software enterprise and service outsourcing enterprise in Jiangsu province in the continuous four years.

    The achievement elements can be concludes as the following two points. First of all, the company’s business development strategy of our management layer is particular precise. Secondly, we have a technical and excellent work team. Our work team has absorbed Japanese advanced technology and culture combining with Chinese local culture. The strategy that we cooperate to benefit each other is extremely successful.

Journalist: Could you please introduce the company’s market development target and goal?

Ma Weidong: the company has mainly focused on the software service outsourcing job in the first several years. We are preparing for future development on the pragmatic basis. It is clearly that Chinese economy is developing rapidly basing on huge market potential. We hope that we can plant our mature technology, experiences and products into the market. Furthermore, we expect to devote to Chinese informationalization in order to push on local economic development.

Last year, we began to set up the business strategy goal in China. It is mainly on the aspect of Chinese telecommunication network. It will spend nearly 3 years developing Chinese software market widely. The market share has doubled. Moreover, our service outsourcing sales has taken up approximately 2/5 which is our expected goal.

Journalist: Your company mainly focuses on sophisticated telecommunication software development as a high science and technology enterprise. What is the core job of your company at present? Nowadays 3-G telecommunication infrastructure is a emphasized point in China telecommunication. Another question is how and what OKI could get the progress in this market?

Ma Weidong: our company’s business is mainly on the software development and product in the field of the sophisticated telecommunication product and network application. Now the point is to accumulate enough experiences in the service outsourcing. The key is developing the product of self-owned intellectual property rights in order to improve the technology proportion.

    At present, the practice job is to integrate enterprise’s intra-telecommunication by merging enterprise’s intranet, 3-G mobile and our developed software in terminal of the 3-G mobile. On the management application aspect, we need to provide a unified solution for enterprise with our software. We have got some progress in this aspect. We could provide mature product, technology and integrated system solutions for enterprise, government and public sections, etc.

Journalist: The competition of software industry is talent competition. Mr. Ma said, “ The competition in telecommunication field is sophisticated advanced technology and excellent talents competition. ” What is mechanism for your company’s talent pool?

Ma Weidong: The basis for the enterprise development is the talent. The talent of our company is mainly fostered by ourselves in these 8 years. They has passed the first strict recruitment, market participation, technology training, abroad training and even social training such as government and colleague so that our new colleagues could get exercises on all aspects. At the same time, we have also taken in some vital technology and management talents so that our team could be stronger and stronger.

    The talents pool direction is about talent-localization. Now we are training together with Wuhan University, Jiangsu University and so on. We are trying to specialize the foster for the enterprise development.

Journalist: What about the company’s acceptance and development in the international software service outsourcing industry? Did the company’s business slip because of Japanese economic downturn in the world economic crisis? Could you please talk about the company’s present operation?

Ma Weidong: Our company has make great progress in the service outsourcing filed in the 8 years. It is mainly about the following aspects. Firstly, we own high quality software technology talents in accepting international service outsourcing business. Secondly, our international business continues to keep a rapid growth every year. Thirdly, our work quality has approved in international and products have entered into the international market successfully.

    In 2009, Japanese economic dropped down because of the world finance storm. In the case, it seriously affected our international service outsourcing business. For example, customer closed order suddenly and workload slipped. These can not discourage us. With the efforts of the company management and all colleagues, our company started to excavate internal abilities on the aspects of specification of international customer market, enlarging national market and also mining new business field. These steps improve the enterprise’s capability of anti-risk and self-appreciation. Besides, the company cooperates with JFE, Agricultural University of Japan and M&M in the new business when maintaining the old customer work. The new business includes 3-G telecommunication, image transmission and Face Sensing Engine. The cooperation improved the capability of enterprise’s self-innovation greatly. We got a market breakthrough. So we adjust the company’s strategy constantly according to the market verification. In general, we has achieved a wonderful results and doubled sales and revenue.

Journalist: Your company has a known advertisement sentence,“E - Call & E - Response in E - Times”. Could you please talk about the company’s future goal and plan? To realize high information telecommunication network social, how will you lead your company to establish an “E-society” that all the information could be communicated safely?

Ma Weidong: As you mentioned the future development plan, the first of all is that the company can develop well. Secondly, we should devote for the social. Thirdly, we should take great develop space and benefits for colleagues. These are responsibilities of being a good, a big and a great enterprise.

    We promote to do both things at one and the same time. Firstly, we want to do the effort on the service outsourcing. We have cooperated with some local small and medium enterprises in Changzhou. So we can take outsourcing in both Japan and America. We get benefits for each other by mutual advantage complement in the collaboration of enterprises.

    Secondly, we are enlarging the technology research development in 3-G telecommunication construction, three net merging and internet of things field within Chinese market. Nowadays, we have already pushed our products into the market gradually. We hope that it would push on Chinese information development. In our enterprise’s development, we also hope that we can devote our effort for the local economic development. Changzhou is a modern manufacturing industry base. It is better to combine our technology with Changzhou manufacturing. We expect to contribute our knowledge of enterprised management software and products to the local economy in order to drive on the local industry development of software and service outsourcing.

    The overall goal is that the sales could be doubled and the scale would be enlarged constantly. Now there are nearly 300 colleagues in OKI Software Technology Co., Ltd.. We expect to develop to 500 or 600 colleagues in future 3 years. In the teamwork construction, we make advanced and effective training plans for backbone layers to enforce the internal management. At the same time, we will combine the technology with the market so that the technology would not fall behind the market. We wish to provide better telecommunication method for “E-society” with our effort. This is the common struggling target of all the colleagues in OKI Software Technology Co., Ltd..